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And He Begat…

The Christian Bible includes a lot of begetting. The most prolific examples of this are in Genesis 5 and Matthew 1. These chapters are truly prolific, as they are lineage lists and as such, there is much begetting.

What’s a mis-placed zero between calculations?

Just in case you’ve not been paying attention since, well forever, human history parallels this begetting phenomenon. Begetting is not limited only to new generations of the species.  All actions beget. That is, so long as you ascribe to Newton’s Third Law of Motion and more specific to the rest of this post, the economic law of unintended consequences. I suppose the definition of a Law (of the universal type), requires that it be true regardless of belief. There’s something to ponder.

And ponder, I have. I’m an analyst by nature and, as such, I think and ponder. A lot. Admittedly, pondering does not always translate to better (or any) decision.

Recently I was pondering Continue Reading

Have Gotten?

Grammar police

…but never fastly.

Grammar, words and language are interesting study topics.  Don’t think so?  OK, fine.  Grammar, words and language are interesting study topics to ME!

I know, it sounds dryer than the driest toast but just entertain the idea for a moment.  For me.  Please.

Words have meaning. (Duh!)  But where did the meaning(s) originate?   Continue Have Gotten?