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Blink Not

There are exactly three unfinished posts waiting for me on this blog. Actually that’s a lie, there are three saved titles (one of which is backward, a second which is stupid and should be deleted, and a third which is completely perfect) with not one single word in contribution to their explanation (read:  blank space).

I’m meaning to think through and write each of them still (except, probably, for the stupid one) but have yet made neither time, nor effort. So they wait.

Those three posts aren’t the only things waiting for action on my part. Continue reading

About 30 Minutes…

Cue the “Jacque Cousteau” voice-over.

Statement:  A lot can happen in 30 minutes.

Counter Statement:  But very little is actually accomplished.

There’s an ongoing, one-sided joke in my house.  Propagated by my wife, it’s the “This will only take 30 minutes.” statement I often (OK, always) declare when questioned on how much time a given task is going to take. continue reading About 30 Minutes…