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Olympic Marathons & Cranky DVRs

What possessed you to think you needed to record every single televised Olympic event?  That’s what my DVR must have been asking Sunday evening as I churned through hours of events at light speed (read:  FFx4), trying to find which ones I wanted to keep and which to dump.  Several times it refused my request to play, fast-forward, delete or perform any command other than ‘freeze’ (a feature not clearly marked on my remote, but I know is there).

I don’t know what network hosts channel “603” on DirecTV, but I do know that the events it’s covering are of no concern to me

(Women’s Air Rifle trials, men’s doubles in Badminton, Korea v. Denmark in Women’s Handball).  This realized only after I managed – between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon – to completely fill the DVR.  (Not dissimilar to the time the kids chose “Record Both” new and rerun episodes of Sponge Bob which conveniently coincided with a marathon weekend.) Continue Reading