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Conversing with Bruiser

It’s been a while since I wrote a bit on a real life conversation I had with someone; the type that sticks with me for a while because it’s funny, weird, insulting, demoralizing, horrifying, whatever.

But I have one today. It’s a conversation my two-year-old daughter, Corinne, engaged me in. It fits into several, maybe all, of the categories listed above. Mainly because her ability to converse is a recently acquired skill.

Oh, yeah, and about the post title, Bruiser is one of her nicknames. The reasons for this are specific, fifty percent of which are explained here.

On with the conversation…

Bruiser:  (brushing her fingers along my face) “You have whispers?” (That’s “whiskers” if you don’t speak toddler.)

Me:  “Yeah.”

Bruiser:  “You have mustache?” (she can say “mustache” but not “whiskers”?)

Me:  “Yup.”

Bruiser:  “You have mustache in you nose.”

Me:  (my inside voice) “Yikes! Have I really been that neglectful?!”

This outta do the trick.

…the weird girls in aisle five

Weird Girl #1:  Staring as I walk by.

Me:  Carrying a basket full of hamburger buns and attempting to NOT stare back as I look for the dill relish.

Weird Girl #2:  “That’s a lot of buns.”

Me:  “Thanks for noticing.”