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Have Gotten?

Grammar police

…but never fastly.

Grammar, words and language are interesting study topics.  Don’t think so?  OK, fine.  Grammar, words and language are interesting study topics to ME!

I know, it sounds dryer than the driest toast but just entertain the idea for a moment.  For me.  Please.

Words have meaning. (Duh!)  But where did the meaning(s) originate?   Continue Have Gotten?


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Words have meaning because of the actions which define them

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In- a negative force

Liberty.  Freedom.  Autonomy.  Sovereignty.  Perseverance.  Steadfastness.  Tenacity.  Emancipation.  Individuality.  Rarity.  Latitude.    Leeway.  Deliverance.  License.  Privilege.  Dispensation.  Immunity.  Warrant.  Justice.  Equity.  Propriety.  Reason.  Capital.  Livelihood.  Property.  Will.  Margin.  Power.  Rampancy.  Rein.  Indulgence

De- Away

Subordination.  Restriction.  Limitation.  Incarceration.  Ban.  Prohibition.  Withholding.  Corruption.  Unjust.  Addiction.  Dominion.  Expectation.  Assurance.  Servility.  Subjection.  Subservience.  Vulnerability.  Yoke.  Consanguinity.  Proportion.  Tie-up.  Puppet.  Craving.  Jones.  Obsession.  Habit.

Pend – To remain undecided or unsettled.