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Quote me as saying…

Intro lines escape me at the present…I’ve erase half a dozen on grounds of stupidity and lack of inspiration (same reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on almost as many posts this week), so on with the quotes…


“Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.” – Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx

“That’s called a response without telling you anything.” e-mail response from work colleague

“…liver good, kidneys “unremarkable” (just love that term – it makes me feel almost normal)…” – Nancy I. (dear friend, currently enduring chemo treatments)

“She showed no respect for a basic Olympic value and unfortunately she is out. She made a mistake and in life we pay for our mistakes.” – Isidoros Kouvelos (Greek mission chief on questionable tweet by Greek triple jumper) Isn’t irony fantastic???

“God sees everything we do.  That’s freaky.”

(me:  “Why?”)

“Because He’s staring at us!”  Stevi D.  (the Nematode)

“… and whether she will get an Oscar, I don’t know.” – Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (on the Queen’s Olympic performance)

“Hey Jude! God save the queen from the XXX Olympiad and the hand of David Beckham!” – Unknown

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7.21.12, “This Week”

Most of the stuff we hear, read, speak in a day is fleeting and need not be recorded for replay or review.  (Paying attention, local news?) But there are those statements which rise above in defiance, or definition of a week .

Of these statements, and in this space, I offer the first installment of a series titled “This Week” (Witty, no? It’s in quotes – get it?  It’s “This Week” in quotes.)  OK, moving on…

“In answer to your question, the answer is yes.”e-mail response from work colleague

“I’m on my way to being edgeless.  Spherical.”The Byronic Man

“That’s why I can rewrite one sentence 10 times and never really be happy with it.” Burke Krohe:  Writer

“Perhaps many more people would like to come and not only see our waterfalls but try our parking” – Gallus Strobel

“Nobel Peace Prize?  You didn’t earn that.  Somebody else made that happen.”Jon Lovitz

“You had a furrowed burro.”Myah P.  (a “Furrowed Brow” perhaps?)

And there you have it.  “This Week”, installment number one.

The inclusion or exclusion of a particular quote does not constitute my endorsement or ignorance of such, nor does it entitle the credited individual with any winnings, other than the high praise and accolade which generally follows inclusion (or exclusion) herein.  Quoted individuals may or may not be directly or indirectly related to, mildly endorsing, and/or bribing  Frequency of inclusion on “This Week” is not tabulated, nor is it an indication of quality of source (see previous statement), except when authored by Stevi D. (aka:  “Nematode”, “Stevi-Blister”, or “Lulu”) – a prolifically quotable individual and primary inspiration for the series.