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Words have meaning because of the actions which define them

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In- a negative force

Liberty.  Freedom.  Autonomy.  Sovereignty.  Perseverance.  Steadfastness.  Tenacity.  Emancipation.  Individuality.  Rarity.  Latitude.    Leeway.  Deliverance.  License.  Privilege.  Dispensation.  Immunity.  Warrant.  Justice.  Equity.  Propriety.  Reason.  Capital.  Livelihood.  Property.  Will.  Margin.  Power.  Rampancy.  Rein.  Indulgence

De- Away

Subordination.  Restriction.  Limitation.  Incarceration.  Ban.  Prohibition.  Withholding.  Corruption.  Unjust.  Addiction.  Dominion.  Expectation.  Assurance.  Servility.  Subjection.  Subservience.  Vulnerability.  Yoke.  Consanguinity.  Proportion.  Tie-up.  Puppet.  Craving.  Jones.  Obsession.  Habit.

Pend – To remain undecided or unsettled.

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I stream, you stream, we all stream our music so we don’t have to pay iTunes $1.30 for every song!  

Wait…that didn’t really gel.

Anyhoo, I’ve invested considerable time in personal music file arrangement and adaptation on various devices over the years…cataloging CDs, ripping tracks to hard drives, converting WAVE files to MP3, and on, and on, yadda, yadda.  And then it happened; the online music service.   Voila!  All is solved…sorta.  I’m picky so it’s taken a while to find the one that does it for me, but I did (finally!)…and I’m not too shy to say I just might be crushin’ on  at present!

So, without further delay, I give you my Blog on MOG:
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