Blink Not

There are exactly three unfinished posts waiting for me on this blog. Actually that’s a lie, there are three saved titles (one of which is backward, a second which is stupid and should be deleted, and a third which is completely perfect) with not one single word in contribution to their explanation (read:  blank space).

I’m meaning to think through and write each of them still (except, probably, for the stupid one) but have yet made neither time, nor effort. So they wait.

Those three posts aren’t the only things waiting for action on my part. The pieces to a shelving unit remain in my garage awaiting assembly. Next to them are the base boards pulled from my bedroom almost a year ago. There’s a 2′ x 2′ section of wall down our hallway decorated in a vibrant shade of pink crayon, courtesy of Bruiser. Someday I’ll probably paint over it.

There’s more, but detailing it here and now would depress me and bore you.

What’s to blame for my lack of commitment to each of these tasks? Mostly blinking. It is my conclusion that eons of time disappear in the seemingly small space afforded the action of eye blinking.


[this is] Blinking                          (Thanks be to Wikipedia, the #1 site for clearing up such mysteries)

Impossible? What other plausible explanation is there for the following list of things I never thought I’d witness in my young life, let alone over the short span of spring-summer 2013?

  • My younger sister’s only child turned 18 AND is graduating high school
  • My oldest child is on the verge of entering middle school (or Jr. High as we used to call it)
  • Our 14th wedding anniversary “just happened” (I counted. Twice.)
  • My new car is now six years old
  • Recently my parents were caught discussing their oldest child’s 40th birthday. They’re a couple of liars though, because that’s almost 400 days away. (also calculated twice)

Is there not someone, perhaps sitting in a university study hall waiting for an end to the sequester, willing to examine and explain this horrible phenomenon? I fear I’m not the only one who is just beginning to understand how much time is lost between blinks.

Note:  The “analytic mind” of WordPress is a clever one and it often confuses me. One of the recommended tags for this post was “Dimebag Darrell“. Not being a metal fan, I struggled to make the connection…”Thank God for Google!” a la Oprah Winfrey.

I’m sure there’s at least one metal fan reading this who could have figured it out sans search engines. (You know who you are!) So, on your honor, respond in the comments w/the answer if you got it w/o search engine assistance

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