I scream, you scream

We all scream for real choice, rather than the mere illusion of it.

It’s your choice

Last night I came home and found my family sitting around the kitchen table. An ordinary sight on any week night where dinner cooking and homework assignment completion meld to create an atmosphere of love, affection and gratitude crying, yelling and general malaise, with one difference; The Nematode had an “I Voted” sticker affixed to her shirt.

“So, who did you vote for?” I asked.

The 10-year-old butted in, “I voted for Barack Obama, because blah, blah, blah…”

The actual reasons escape me. The mention of tyrannical ego-maniacs has this effect.

The Nematode then declared, “I voted for chocolate ice cream!”

To which I replied heartily, “Amen!”

It was a great moment, the creation of which The Nematode is no stranger, and then the night went on. But as I often (OK, always) do, I thought about it the rest of the evening, and again when I woke up this morning.

My one assertion to those who engage me in election rhetoric this year has been, your choice is as simple (and only as diverse) as black or white. Either way that’s about as much real-world difference as you’ll get with today’s outcome – the black man, or the white man. If you’re expecting something more you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

This would be the point where another writer would lay out examples which lend credit to their argument. In my mind, this is the job of the reader. You have instant access to more information than anyone in the history of the world. Use it. While you’re using it, just try to contrast the current and prior administrations, one from the other and you’ll see that my assertion stands. The only differences are the degrees to which they’ve pursued the same basic (and sometimes specific) agenda, and their skin color.

On more than one occasion I’ve been accused of throwing away my vote because of my selection for a third-party candidate (which will happen again this election year). I generally excuse this idiotic, pro-pragmatic statement without argument; if you hadn’t grasped the concept of choice by voting age, I probably won’t be able to school you on it in the next five minutes, which is the upper limit I’m willing to invest in anyone older than 17 on the concept.

My favorite personal finance bloggers recently ran a post which met my sentiment on the subject of the best example of presidential qualities manifest in the past 100 years…the link proves my above point in that if polled today, he wouldn’t make the list of top three for 1 in 100 or 100,000 respondents (unless the respondents included myself or the CYC crew).

We’ve moved far from sanity and logic with our political choices in the past century. Emotions and feelings are certainly important, distinguishing human characteristics. But they’re an incompetent basis for choosing the leader of the free world.

Today I’ll exercise my right to vote. It will once again be a “throw away” in that I’ll not vote either popular “choice”. Honestly though, if write-ins were possible here, I’d side with The Nematode and go with the clearest of choices…

I’d vote for Chocolate Ice Cream.

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