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Do these glasses distract from my incoherent lyrics?

She’s got electric boobs.  A mohawk too.  Ya know I read it a magazaeeeen! Ya-hooooo, Ba-ba-ba-Benny & the Jets.

And there it is.  Out there for everyone within ear-shot to hear.  The completely unintelligible string of lyrics you ascribed to a song.

Admittedly, I’m fixated on lyrical content and meaning. That might not seem like a heavy statement, but considering the musical era which gained commercial success during my teens (Grunge) it runs counter to what garnered import at the time. Doubt me on this? Two words:   Continue Reading

And He Begat…

The Christian Bible includes a lot of begetting. The most prolific examples of this are in Genesis 5 and Matthew 1. These chapters are truly prolific, as they are lineage lists and as such, there is much begetting.

What’s a mis-placed zero between calculations?

Just in case you’ve not been paying attention since, well forever, human history parallels this begetting phenomenon. Begetting is not limited only to new generations of the species.  All actions beget. That is, so long as you ascribe to Newton’s Third Law of Motion and more specific to the rest of this post, the economic law of unintended consequences. I suppose the definition of a Law (of the universal type), requires that it be true regardless of belief. There’s something to ponder.

And ponder, I have. I’m an analyst by nature and, as such, I think and ponder. A lot. Admittedly, pondering does not always translate to better (or any) decision.

Recently I was pondering Continue Reading

Kids, Cats & Uncle Chuck

EvolutionI’m no subscriber to Darwin’s evolutionary theory…or at least I wasn’t, until recently.  One single event of the past week may have changed my mind.

To frame my change of position, I need to make a few assertions which may, or may not be obvious (I assume nothing about the readership of this blog).  Nonetheless, I make them.

Things we know:

  1. Charles Darwin was the father of the natural selection as means for species formation theory
  2. Cats (Felis catus) are of the feline species
  3. Kids are of a variety of species, goats and humans being the most common.  For the purposes of this blog entry, the term henceforth will refer to children of human origin.

Things there is considerable debate on:

  1. Proof for Darwin’s theory
  2. The origin of modern-day cats
  3. The origin of modern-day kids

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