The Remark-able Nematode

As the latest in the “Conversing with…” series, I give you Myah P. & The Nematode (sure to be stalwarts of the category):

Myah P:  “Maybe you’re not having a good morning.”

“At least give me a clean death!”

Me:  “Well, I woke up, so that’s a good start.”

Myah P:  “You wake up every morning.”

Me:  “Yes, so far.  I might not wake up one morning though.  No one knows when they’ll die.”

The Nematode:  “Take a shower before you do that.”

Me:  “Before I die?”

The Nematode:  “Yes!  That’s gross.”

According to the dictionary, a nematode is a worm.  In my world, however, the term is ascribed to a creature less wormy, more entertaining and certainly more fetching than any such organism known prior.  A nematode, nay. The Nematode!

The Nematode is a “springy” haired, wide-almond-eyed six-year-old with innumerable facial expressions, a boisterous laugh and effervescent personality.  She also happens to be the “middlest” of my three daughters.

How did she become The Nematode? It’s complicated, but the shortest answer is it’s what my family does…dispense nicknames which generally have zero linkage to ones birth name.  Never satisfied with affixing just one obscure or ludicrous moniker, most of us have several.  The Nematode is also known as, Stevi-blister, Lulu, Beans, and (when she was very little and a tad fuzzier) Hobbits.

The Nematode is frequently quoted at Robrights and has even co-stared in a video.

You are now acquainted.

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