Olympic Marathons & Cranky DVRs

What possessed you to think you needed to record every single televised Olympic event?  That’s what my DVR must have been asking Sunday evening as I churned through hours of events at light speed (read:  FFx4), trying to find which ones I wanted to keep and which to dump.  Several times it refused my request to play, fast-forward, delete or perform any command other than ‘freeze’ (a feature not clearly marked on my remote, but I know is there).

I don’t know what network hosts channel “603” on DirecTV, but I do know that the events it’s covering are of no concern to me

(Women’s Air Rifle trials, men’s doubles in Badminton, Korea v. Denmark in Women’s Handball).  This realized only after I managed – between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon – to completely fill the DVR.  (Not dissimilar to the time the kids chose “Record Both” new and rerun episodes of Sponge Bob which conveniently coincided with a marathon weekend.)

I now also know that when said DVR has less than 2% of available recording space, it lets you know.  Often.  While feverishly searching recorded events to determine which to save / delete and thus keep from entering the dreaded 2% “danger zone”, I was notified of the eminent catastrophe which would befall me should I fail to free up space… every time I pushed a button.

DVR, do you not realize that by continually halting my search, save, delete, repeat exercise to let me know that 35 episodes of Backyardigans is excessive I need to free up space, you’re actually inhibiting my ability to do so?  Didn’t think so.

OK, so now that I know I don’t need to record anything on channel 603 (What if I suddenly decide to take an interest in Olympic-class billiards?) and have freed up a decent amount of DVR space, things are back to good.  Almost.

Did you know there are 35 sport categories represented in the summer games?  Thirty-five categories, some with multiple sub-categories (Jumping, Eventing and “Dressage” each listed under Equestrian), with multiple trials, heats, eliminations, rounds, preliminary rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and on come before the medal events.  There’s a lot going on in London right now.  Pick any day between now and August 12th and the chances are fantastic that you’ll have about 20 different sport categories competing.

Choosing between the 20 or so different categories isn’t much the issue.  I know what I do / don’t want to watch.  Finding and then watching “my” individual events within those categories, that’s a more complicated task.   Subsequently, my Sunday afternoon-evening-primetime-latenight went something like this:

Set DVR to record every event on every channel.  Check.

Realize that DVR hard drive has been spinning at 7,000 RPMs for past 12 hours to record all requested events.  DVR hard drive is now entering 2% “danger zone” and is not happy with you.  Subsequently determine that channel 603 recordings can be deleted.  Check.

Settle in to watch recorded events.  Check.

Realize that “your” event (Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay) is “somewhere” in the middle of six hours of events which are not “yours”.  Check.

Spend undisclosed number of hours searching recorded events to find Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay.  Check.  (Is fast-forward x 4 really the fastest this thing can go?)

Find Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay. (It’s only the heat, but you made it!).  Check.

Watch all 4.03.35 (times 2 groups!) minutes of Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay.  Check.

Fall asleep mid-way through interview with winners of Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay.  Check.

Wake up three hours later to Bob Costas’ recap of days events. (Does he sleep?) Check.

Shuffle off to bed, not remembering who won Men’s 400M Freestyle Relay heat, or when medal event will take place.  Check.

Oh, and for the record, Billiards (Men’s or Women’s) is not an Olympic sport.  I checked.

This is the first image WordPress suggested to go with this post. Apparently it’s PIC 2 of 3 except it’s not a “PIC”, but a video.             More questions than answers here, I know.

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