About 30 Minutes…

Cue the “Jacque Cousteau” voice-over.

Statement:  A lot can happen in 30 minutes.

Counter Statement:  But very little is actually accomplished.

There’s an ongoing, one-sided joke in my house.  Propagated by my wife, it’s the “This will only take 30 minutes.” statement I often (OK, always) declare when questioned on how much time a given task is going to take.

Thirty minutes.  Give or take a few hours, (actually, always taking, never giving) completion comes very close to my originally projected time frame.

In my mind, 30 minutes seems a reasonable block of time to complete most common household chores.  In my experience, it’s some multiple of that half-hour which will ultimately be devoured by the 30 minute task.

Question #1:  Why do I stick to my 3o minute estimate?





Inability to accurately assess details of said task and allocate time accordingly?

Answer:  Yes.

Question #2:  Why does my wife continue to ask, “How long is that going to take?”

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