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Olympic Marathons & Cranky DVRs

What possessed you to think you needed to record every single televised Olympic event?  That’s what my DVR must have been asking Sunday evening as I churned through hours of events at light speed (read:  FFx4), trying to find which ones I wanted to keep and which to dump.  Several times it refused my request to play, fast-forward, delete or perform any command other than ‘freeze’ (a feature not clearly marked on my remote, but I know is there).

I don’t know what network hosts channel “603” on DirecTV, but I do know that the events it’s covering are of no concern to me

(Women’s Air Rifle trials, men’s doubles in Badminton, Korea v. Denmark in Women’s Handball).  This realized only after I managed – between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon – to completely fill the DVR.  (Not dissimilar to the time the kids chose “Record Both” new and rerun episodes of Sponge Bob which conveniently coincided with a marathon weekend.) Continue Reading

Quote me as saying…

Intro lines escape me at the present…I’ve erase half a dozen on grounds of stupidity and lack of inspiration (same reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on almost as many posts this week), so on with the quotes…


“Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.” – Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx

“That’s called a response without telling you anything.” e-mail response from work colleague

“…liver good, kidneys “unremarkable” (just love that term – it makes me feel almost normal)…” – Nancy I. (dear friend, currently enduring chemo treatments)

“She showed no respect for a basic Olympic value and unfortunately she is out. She made a mistake and in life we pay for our mistakes.” – Isidoros Kouvelos (Greek mission chief on questionable tweet by Greek triple jumper) Isn’t irony fantastic???

“God sees everything we do.  That’s freaky.”

(me:  “Why?”)

“Because He’s staring at us!”  Stevi D.  (the Nematode)

“… and whether she will get an Oscar, I don’t know.” – Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (on the Queen’s Olympic performance)

“Hey Jude! God save the queen from the XXX Olympiad and the hand of David Beckham!” – Unknown

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Put some Windex on it!

Go ahead ringworm, make my big, fat, Greek day.

The only chic-flick that I’ll ever readily admit to watching (and enjoying) was “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  I only watched it because my dad said he’d seen it with my mom.  The look I subsequently handed him, forced a defense, “It was actually funny.”

OK, so now I’m intrigued and have license to watch it… my dad is a truck-drivin’, motorcycle-ridin’, muscle car ownin’, guitar-playin’, fix just about any broke thing, can beat up your dad kinda guy.  If he watched it and says it was funny, THAT’s license.  The intrigue:  what made him admit to watching and laughing? read on